The Canabis Barber & Nursery

The Cannabis Barber and Nursery
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About Us

The Cannabis Barber & Nursery (CBN) is dedicated to cultivating a sustainable legal ecosystem of diversified genetics.

Our Master Grower and Co-founder, Andrew Cappellano, has been cultivating unique and proprietary strains for more than two decades. His passion for this industry and desire to see it flourish is only surpassed by his adoration for the cannabis plant.

Andrew opened this nursery to share his and his team’s extensive knowledge and experience and to help those who share the same love for a blossoming industry.

Andrew’s team consists of two Sr. Master Growers with over two decades of hands-on cultivation and propagation each. Also, two Jr. Master Growers with 4+ years and 6+ years of experience, respectively.

In addition to his salaried team, Andrew also has senior propagation and cultivation consultants who have been in the industry for 30+ years.

Andrew and his team are here to assist you and your team in any capacity needed. Embarking on an exciting and revolutionary journey together.

CBN is looking to grow through strategic partnerships that drive success and innovation.

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