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Our catalogue features a straightforward selection of premium cannabis teens for sale, simplifying the process of purchasing cannabis teens online. If you’re in the market to buy marijuana teens or seeking weed clone teens online, we provide direct solutions to licensed producers near and far in Canada.

We proudly present potent options like Manic Monday and Pink Cream Dream, ensuring licensed enthusiasts of all levels find the exact weed clone teens that they need. By making simplicity and accessibility our focus, we have developed an interface that streamlines the acquisition of high-quality marijuana teens for your growing endeavours.

Buy cannabis teens online, improve your cannabis cultivation experience, and explore our store for solutions that fit your need for weed. Feel free to get in touch with CBN for more information about the marijuana teens for sale on our platform. You can also inquire about the legalities of your purchase to ensure you stay on the straight and narrow while realizing your weed clone-related dreams.

Cannabis teens are available to our licensed producer partners in British Columbia only.

Please contact us directly to receive access to our teen catalogue and LP partnerships and special offers we have!

As a craft nursery for cannabis teens, our capacity is limited. As we like to offer exclusive strains for our LP partners, we will not be accepting new sales once the facility’s maximum production is reached.

Please enquire today to reserve your spot!

High Terpene Profile
High THC Profile (20% or more)
6-8 Week Flower
Mold & Mildew Resistant
Great for Extracts


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